Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bean bread is an amazing new approach to gluten-free bread making!

* note: This book is only available in paperback form at this time; 
not yet available in a downloadable format.

Looking for a fresh approach to gluten-free?

Anna Purdum has created a completely different way of making light and fluffy breads, cakes and muffins using COOKED BEANS - not bean flour, or any other specialty flour for that matter. The revolutionary bean bread technique requires a minimal amount of time in the kitchen and inexpensive ingredients.  These recipes are:

* Delicious 
* Quick and easy
* Inexpensive
* High in fiber and protein

Bean bread accommodates a variety of dietary restrictions. All recipes in this book are FREE of: 

* Gluten
* Dairy
* Yeast
* Processed Sugars 
* Flours of Any Kind 


  1. I am a registered dietitian and gluten free blogger. I purchased Anna's book and now eat bean bread almost every day. I have shared it with friends and coworkers and they all love it. I have encouraged all of my blog followers, celiac patients, diabetes and cardiac patients to try this healthy and easy bread. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Hi, my name is chef Jannie and I am retired. I became allergic to a good 65 items and gluten free was the hardest to work around until I discovered Anna's Bean Bread Book...check out her face book page called the bean bread book...I have contributed several recipes myself built on the foundation of her recipes. No weird gums or after tastes...just wonderful, flavorful, breads and deserts. No high cost of specialty flours or thickening agents just basic economical ingredients. My life has been greatly enhanced and Anna did it with her Bean Bread Book and I highly recommend it...I don't use my dozen gluten free recipe books any more because Anna's is all I need. Thank you Anna for a wonderful book! Chef Jannie

  3. Interested in getting this book, but for some reason, I can't find where it says how many pages there are to this book. I mean, I don't want to pay 12.95 for a paperback that has no more to it than the pamphlets I pay 5 bucks for that DON'T have S&H to pay on top of the cost of the book. TIA for the answer

  4. Good morning Anna. It's a great day for a demo at my church. You've been in our bulletin for two Sabbaths. Everyone is excited to attend your demo today at 1pm. Ww will be in the fellowship hall until 4pm. Our Pathfinders are from 6th grade and up to college age young adults. Parents will also attend. Ive got my food blender/processor and main ingredients for students and parents to participate in making their own bread. Ive got seed herbs nuts honey and more. Lots more. I believe in the bean bread being healthier than people realize. Im willing to put my best theories to the test as you know i have already done. So, please xall me and lets just see what new breads, cakes and waffles we can make fir your next adventure. Hope you're going to be there today at 1pm. It's the Seventh Day Advent Church accross the Longview Lobo Stadium parking lot. Behind the Ryan's Buffet restaurant. My number is 903-736-3895 hm or cell at 903-736-3256